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In 2012 SolGreen® invented, engineered and patented the first ‘solar charging table’ or ‘solar charging workstation’ called the Evodia Solar Workstation with a vision to introduce a technology that would modernize and maintain a sustainable outdoor infrastructure that meets the power and amenity needs of everyday people who are increasingly dependent on the use of cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi and lighting anytime and anyplace. Likewise, many developers, companies and municipalities are in need of renewable power sources to maintain the safety and resilience of facilities and communities around the world.

Commercially manufactured in the U.S. to the highest quality, safety and performance requirements, SolGreen® provides customers with the gold standard in solar table manufacturing.

The Evodia is a fully warrantied, maintenance-free outdoor solar charging workstation that provides canopied shelter, ADA compliant seating, energy storage and 100% off-grid solar powered amenities that include GFE & USB charging for laptops, cell phones and portable devices, Wi-Fi access, automatic LED night lighting and emergency/weather response systems.

Our patented and signature structural design and PVSE system makes the Evodia Solar Workstation the premeir outdoor solar charging workstation in the world- able to withstand all environmental conditions and perform under high heat and extreme cold.

The Evodia Solar Workstation is structurally guaranteed for 10+ years, P.E. certified and confirmed by National Weather Service (NWS) to withstand Category III Hurricane winds of 130mph.

Built with state of the art rust resistant steel and recycled fiberglass, the Evodia is completely customizable and can be moved between various site locations over time.

These qualities make the Evodia Solar Workstation unmatched and essential for any facility, municipality or organization looking to invest in solar charging workstations for your outdoor space.

Evodia Solar Workstation at the University of the District of Columbia

Evodia Solar Workstation at the University of the District of Columbia


Timeless design.

Unmatched safety.

Built in Phoenix, AZ, the Evodia Solar Workstation is completely customizable. Place your university, city, company or organization logo in a bold and beautiful fashion. Additional seating options, color and design elements are also available.

Workstation safety features only available with SolGreen products:

  • Patented Intelligent Rain Detection System (IRDS) to prevents shock and device damage during inclement weather by shutting off power during a storm and auto resets power when dry and safe.

  • Patented Housing Box stores all electronic hardware two feet (2’) off ground to prevent flooding and damage unlike other poorly engineered and cheaply designed solar table competitors.

  • Patented canopy designed to provide users with prime amounts of shade and environmentally (real-world) tested to withstand 120mph wind and snow load.

  • UL Listed

Evodia Solar Workstation at Dallas Community College District

Evodia Solar Workstation at Dallas Community College District

Evodia Solar Workstation at City of Orlando Park of the Americas

Evodia Solar Workstation at City of Orlando Park of the Americas

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Our Customers.

SolGreen® Evodia Solar Workstations have a wide range of applications from university campuses and city public spaces to commercial real estate and corporate campuses.

The Evodia Solar Workstation is the only solar workstation available for purchase and procurement through U.S. Communities and is the first solar workstation to be accepted and utilized by U.S. cities, government organizations and international entities in Canada and the Middle East.

Below are a few of our many customers. Contact us today and place your order!