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Clean technology for

community, lifestyle

and work.


In 2012 SolGreen® invented, engineered and patented the first ‘solar charging table’ or ‘solar workstation’ called the Evodia Solar Workstation with a vision to introduce a technology that would modernize and maintain sustainable infrastructure in cities, parks and outdoor public spaces. Meeting the power and amenity needs of everyday people who are increasingly demanding of adequate seating, shelter and power to utilize cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, and lighting anytime and anyplace.

Manufactured in the United States to commercial quality, safety and performance requirements, SolGreen® provides customers with the only commercially certified, compliant, and performance proven solar workstation in the world. Since 2012, none of our solar workstations have had to be repaired or replaced.

Evodia Solar Workstations include the following:

  • Superior Durability & Structure (10+ Year Structural Guarantee, Rust Resistant)

  • Fully Warrantied Structure & System Parts (Service Warranty Included FREE with all units)

  • Ultra Efficient Solar Panel & PVSE System (310W, Fully Fabricated & Patented System)

  • ADA Compliant Seating & Workstation (Wheelchair Accessible & Back Support)

  • 4 GFE 120V & 8 USB charging for laptops, cell phones and all portable devices (24 hours a day tested, 150+ devices per day)

  • Recycled Fiberglass Canopy shields users from UV rays and possible solar panel EMT radiation (Solar Panels should NEVER be used as a canopy).

  • No exposed wiring.

  • NEC Electric Code Compliant (properly grounded for user safety, no exposed wiring, PV system housed above the ground to prevent flooding and/or damage)

  • P.E. Certified, Environmentally Tested & Verified by the National Weather Service (NWS) to withstand Category III & IV hurricane 130-140mph wind and snow load.

  • Fully Customizable (Logo on Canopy, Color, Seating Options)

  • Workstation units fully portable.

  • Wi-Fi Access Included

  • Automatic LED Lighting (warm tone, dusk till dawn)

  • Power Regulation System (*can control when auto power on/off per customer requirements)

  • Patented Intelligent Rain Detection System (IRDS) is a programmable auto shut on/off system that detects dangerous weather conditions in order ensure user safety and prevent device damage during inclement weather.

  • Maintenance-Free

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Intelligently designed.

Unmatched safety.

Evodia Solar Workstations are environmentally functional, beautifully designed & built for safety:

  • Patented Intelligent Rain Detection System (IRDS) is a programmable system that ensures user safety and prevents device damage. Sensitivity can be set to light, medium or heavy - your solar workstation will detect when a storm is entering a dangerous zone for users and devices. The system will then auto cut power during dangerous conditions and heavy and auto restore power when safe.

  • Patented Housing Box stores all electronic PV hardware two feet (2’) off ground- preventing flooding and hardware damage.

  • Patented and architecturally designed recycled fiberglass canopy provides optimum shade from UV rays, rain and snow. All wiring is sealed and NOT EXPOSED for user safety. Solar panels SHOULD NOT be used as a replacement for a canopy.

  • Evodia Solar Workstations have withstood category III & IV hurricane winds in FL and TX verified by the National Weather Service (NWS), all units are able to withstand 130-140mph wind and snow load.

  • UL Listed Technology

Evodia Solar Workstation at Dallas Community College District

Evodia Solar Workstation at Dallas Community College District

Evodia Solar Workstation at Calgary Airport Parks

Evodia Solar Workstation at Calgary Airport Parks

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SolGreen® High Res. Logo.png

SPOTLIGHT: CITY OF ORLANDO park of the americas

Read the article on SolGreen’s installation of Evodia Solar Workstations at the City of Orlando Park of the Americas. We are pioneering the future of community, lifestyle and work in city parks and outdoor public spaces around the world. Be the next city that invests in the sustainability, resilience safety and connectivity of its infrastructure, community and residents by purchasing an Evodia Solar Workstation today.

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Our Customers.

SolGreen® provides the only commercial solar workstations in the world. We take pride in our trusted reputation and team of designers, clean technology experts and systems engineering professionals that help us build our high quality products. Our valued customers include universities, cities, corporate companies and international organizations that wish to enhance their outdoor spaces with Evodia Solar Workstations.