Accessible off-grid power, anytime, anyplace.

The Evodia Solar Table is a maintenance-free outdoor charging station that provides GFE & USB device charging, LED lighting, Wi-Fi access and custom software in the form of a canopied table with seating. The Evodia Solar Table is used to build communities, enhance safety and keep us connected anytime, anyplace.

As a full service amenity, the Evodia Solar Table can be used as an outdoor workspace, charging station, or place of leisure and social gathering. SolGreen® takes pride in offering the only commercially manufactured solar table in the U.S. and stays true to the values of simplicity, reliability and innovation to enhance people's everyday lives.


The Evodia Solar Table is an innovation in outdoor furniture and clean technology.

Building a community and driving people to engage in spaces is important. The Evodia Solar Table is perfect for universities, corporate campuses, city parks, malls, business districts, hotels or anyplace you need access to power outdoors.

Installation takes two-hours per table and requires no grounding rods or deep drilling. After product installation and handoff your Evodia Solar Table will hold a special SolGreen® Service Warranty.

SolGreen® technicians are on-call and provide on-site service. When it comes to choosing your Evodia Solar Table location or support after installation, we'll be here to assist every step of the way.

Customizations include color, logo wrapping, Wi-Fi hotspots and interactive safety and smart signs software. Our patented safety technology includes IRSD (Intelligent Rain Detection System) that protects users and electronic devices by shutting off power during heavy rain and restoring power once weather subsides.

Evodia Solar Table Specs:

  • Fiberglass Canopy & Powder Coated Steel Structure (20 Year Guarantee)
  • Comfortable Individual Seating with Four Seats
  • 24 Hours of Power (power regulation available, day and night usage)
  • Charges 100+ Devices Daily
  • Four (4) 11V AC Power Outlets and Eight (8) USB Outlets
  • Ultra-Efficient Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System
  • Programmable LED lighting for night usage
  • U.S. Patented Safety Technology (Intelligent Rain Detection System, Smart Housing Box)
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot or Repeater
  • Smart Signs Software Upgrade
  • 1 Year Service Warranty Included
  • ADA Compliant, NEC 2014 Electrical Code Wired, BIFMA Standards
  • P.E. Certified for 90mph wind conditions and snow load

For additional information please contact us for a brochure and pricing.