The SolGreen Story

Revolutionizing the development of commercial clean tech solutions.

SolGreen® is a minority-owned clean tech company based in Washington DC that designs, engineers and builds innovative sustainable solutions that maintain and modernize the infrastructure of cities to become more sustainable, resilient and connected.

Our vision is to engineer the clean technology products of the future that impact everyday needs of people and communities.

Established in 2012, SolGreen Founder and President Matthew N. Portis invented and patented what is now the solar workstation, a first-of-its kind clean technology solution designed to provide off-grid power in remote outdoor areas to meet the everyday power needs of facilities, cities and the people that live in them.

Led by Matthew N. Portis, the SolGreen engineering and design team spent years perfecting the requirements and design elements of the Evodia Solar Workstation to ensure its quality, durability and performance over time.

SolGreen products are manufactured by a world class team of engineers, designers and manufacturers that merge innovation, functionality and sustainability to build our clean technology solutions. 


Our team took into account the aesthetic design of the workstations canopy and table that are both environmentally functional and beautifully inspired by minimalist design of famous architects like Phillip Johnson.

Manufacturing a product that can withstand all environmental conditions, keep users safe and be commercially complaint and certified was our engineering task.

Ultimately, the safety of users is our number one concern and our team has accomplished this by not cutting corners on elements needed to build world class products. 

City of Orlando Solar Table.jpeg

Today, the Evodia Solar Workstation is utilized by universities, cities, commercial real estate developers and corporate campuses internationally. SolGreen continues to innovate by developing new clean technology solutions to benefit facilities, cities and communities in new exciting ways. Helping them build a more sustainable, resilient and connected infrastructure of the future. 

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Solgreen Founder &

Inventor of the Solar


Matthew N. Portis, BSET MSEEM, Founder & President, SolGreen®

Matthew N. Portis, BSET MSEEM, Founder & President, SolGreen®

Inventor and Designer of the Solar Workstation.

Inventor and Designer of the Solar Workstation.

We asked ourselves how we might move the needle on sustainable design to create products that are more practical to the evolving needs of communities around the world.
— Matthew N. Portis, Founder & President, SolGreen®

Global Partnerships

Innovation. Collaboration. Thought Leadership.

SolGreen engages and collaborates with organizations and non-profit entities on initiatives and public-private partnerships that expand our unified mission to build communities, provide leadership and take action on sustainability, resilience and smart infrastructure development.