The SolGreen Story

A certified minority owned company, innovating clean technology solutions.

SolGreen® is a trusted systems engineering company that specializes in the production of innovative clean tech products for commercial use that cultivate safety, connectivity and resilience.

Established in Alexandria, Virginia in 2012, SolGreen began development of the solar table, a first-of-its kind patented clean technology solution designed to provide off-grid power in remote outdoor areas to meet the everyday power needs of facilities and modern consumers.

Our products, perfected for commercial use, are utilized by universities, cities, government agencies and corporate entities internationally. SolGreen provides the only commercially accepted solar tables in the world.

We take honor and pride in our established partnerships with tenured safety technology providers like Safeware Inc. who help us provide our innovative products through contract vehicles such as U.S. Communities and GSA. International partnerships in Canada and the Middle East also expand our reach and mission to revolutionize the future of clean technology.

Matthew N. Portis, President & CEO, SolGreen®

Matthew N. Portis, President & CEO, SolGreen®

We asked ourselves how we might move the needle on sustainable design to create products that are more practical to the evolving needs of communities and everyday individuals.
— Matthew N. Portis, President & CEO, SolGreen®

Global Partnerships

Innovation. Collaboration. Thought Leadership.

SolGreen® collaborates with commercial companies, organizations and non-profit entities on initiatives and public-private partnerships that expand our unified mission to build communities, provide leadership and take action on sustainability, resilience and smart infrastructure development. 

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