Simple solutions that solve big needs.

SolGreen® products provide accessible off-grid clean energy to power the everyday amenities we enjoy and make the places we like to go, great. 

Founded in 2012 by Matthew N. Portis, our story began on a beautiful summer day when Matthew longed to work outdoors at a bookstore but had no place to charge his devices. This common problem of access to power outdoors inspired the practical solutions we provide today. 

SolGreen® is recognized for simplicity, innovation and leadership. We innovate and integrate clean energy solutions in the form of high quality commercial products to address the demand for sustainable amenities and infrastructure development. Our flagship product, the Evodia Solar Table, is the first commercially manufactured outdoor solar table.

Evodia Solar Table at the Delaware Youth Center in Catskills, NY

Evodia Solar Table at the Delaware Youth Center in Catskills, NY


Modernization, convenience and staying connected is everything. This includes the streets we walk on, parks we enjoy, campuses where we work and communities we live in. As people spend more and more time outdoors, the need for access to power becomes constant. SolGreen has the ability to ensure outdoor spaces are equipped to meet people's everyday needs- from mobile device charging, WiFi access, streaming and connectivity to outdoor work and leisure space. 

Our mission is to revolutionize clean technology and commercial design - making people's lives easier and our planet more sustainable.





Matthew N. Portis, President & CEO, SolGreen®

Matthew N. Portis, President & CEO, SolGreen®

We asked ourselves how we might move the needle on sustainable design to create products that are more practical to the evolving needs of communities and everyday individuals.
— Matthew N. Portis, President & CEO, SolGreen®




SolGreen® collaborates with commercial companies, organizations and non-profit entities on initiatives and public-private partnerships that expand our unified mission to build communities, provide leadership and take action on sustainability, resilience and smart infrastructure development. 

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